2016 holiday portraits: the welsh kids

it's important work,
coming into a home and photographing the people who live there,
documenting them during a particular season of life.

most often, i don't know the ins and outs of the families i photograph,
just that they want pictures of their kids before they get too big.
but sometimes, i get the privilege to photograph
a family who've become my friends,
and the job is more of a celebration than anything else.
it's still work to an extent,
but it's also an honor to know parts of the family's story,
and to share in their joy of where they are. 

such was the case a few weeks ago,
when i spent time with the welsh family.
here are a few faves from my time with their sweet kids...


2016 holiday portraits: the peede family

sometimes a $16 blanket at tj. maxx
becomes a magical blanket,
and if you step on it, sit on it, or heaven forbid lie down on it,
you might just turn into a giggle monster,
with amazing powers that can turn your smelly, mean ol' monster roars
into light fluffy marshmallow clouds of laughter.
and then, because you have all of this amazing power,
you run around roaring (but really laughing),
and mom and dad are so excited,
and when you get home,
they give you a giant bowl of ice cream.


2016 holiday portraits: big sister, little brother

i love spending one on one time with kids
as i'm photographing them. 
it's our time to talk, hang out, and get to know each other if we haven't already met...
plus, it gives the parents a little breather from all the camera clicks.

i like to ask kids a lot of questions - 
maybe about their favorite dessert,
a favorite character in a book,
or their best birthday present ("... like, ever, in your whole life").

it's a special thing watching them light up as they talk about themselves,
and the things they enjoy.
there's an excitement in their eyes
that doesn't always come through
when they're posing for the camera.
their expressions are more natural, not forced,
and i'm able to see their personalities better
during a conversation. 

and, call me crazy,
but the mama in me thinks it helps their little hearts
to carry on a conversation with another adult who's interested in them
and what they have to say. 
it has to be a confidence booster, right?
not that many of them need boosting,
but it still feels intentional and right to give them space
to talk and to be heard.

here are some of my very favorites from
an afternoon spent with these sweet siblings...


2016 holiday portraits: the mcclains

the season of mothering toddlers and preschool aged kids
was long and hard for me.
there were times i was sure there would be no light
at the end of that tunnel,
and it never seemed to help when someone with older kids would say,
"just think, they'll be grown before you know it!"
"they grow up so fast... cherish this time, miranda."
i would put on a smile and mumble
something that i thought resembled a thank-you,
but inside, i was screaming out

here i am, in the next stage with school aged kids,
and while yes, looking back, that season seems to have gone by too quickly,
i still remember all too vividly
the screaming matches i had with my three year old
over nap times and wet underwear and temper tantrums.
i'd like to think if i could go back just for a day,
i might have more patience, more grace for those sweet little souls.
i know for sure i would hold and cuddle them longer.

i've recently joined a brunch care team
that serves new moms and moms with small children.
we "older moms" are there to help encourage,
listen to, and pray with the younger moms.
and sometimes we get to hold their babies for them while they eat.
it's divine.
and it feels really important to be doing this,
caring for these young mamas in this way.
i think in a way,
i'm also caring for my younger mom-self...
and that feels redemptive.

i'm sure it's also why i love
photographing young families so much.
i actually do get to go back for a short time,
revisit that season, and document the sweetest and best moments of it.
it's truly a gift,
and i'm really thankful to get to do this type of work.

here are some of my favorites
from an afternoon with
the mcclain family...


2016 holiday portraits: the pay bros

first portrait shoot of the holiday season
(crazy because it's only september)
was with these three brothers. 

is it too early to say this might be my favorite so far?

it wasn't your typical portrait session - no dressing up,
no hair-combing, no fancy location.
just them, being in their home, 
doing what they do on any given afternoon. 

we talked music, skateboards, politics and socks.
they jumped off beds, did handstands in the street,
and counted tadpoles in the creek.

and it was amazing watching them be in their element,
and documenting this season of life they're in. 

skate or die, dudes.


holiday portraits: 2016 holiday family portrait special!

hey friends, it's time to announce this year's 
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