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a little recap, shall we?

©miranda reger photography / @thehousethatmercybuilt well my goodness, it has been quite a minute since i've blogged. how about we get brought up to speed real quick? i'm a charlotte native & have been a photographer for the last 10 years. i have a long list of favorite things, and somewhere at the top are watching the office, singing harmony, & drinking a hot cup of really good coffee (but i have just the one cup each day, otherwise i get chatty & sweaty and annoying). i'm married to the kindest, most tenderhearted man i've ever known & we have a 13 year old daughter, an 11 year old son, & a 3 year old pup named Dave. when i think about the plans i’d loosely made this time last year for the upcoming new year,  i can’t help but chuckle.  i was going to celebrate this very small business of mine in its 10th year  & launch a new website & branding & start blogging again & really breathe new life into  miranda reger photography

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